Free Open-Source Lightning Accounts System with Extensions

Run for yourself, for others, or as part of a stack.
LNbits extension framework makes building easy.

(Legend is the commonly used and tested version, Infinity is more experimental)

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LNbits can run on top of any lightning-network funding source, currently there is support for LND, c-lightning, Spark, LNpay, OpenNode, lntxbot, with more being added regularly.

Accounts System

Create multiple accounts/wallets. Run for yourself, friends/family, or the whole world!


Access dozens of extensions made by contrinbutors, or build your own.


One simple API, able to connect to multiple nodes/funding sources. Extensions include APIs.

Instant wallet

Use instantly and directly in browser on desktop or phone, no need to download any apps.


Cutting edge extensions.

LNbits includes dozens of extensions built by contributors. Create faucets, paylinks, shareable points-of-sale, paywalls, event tickets, dice games, server services, even a shareable jukebox, and many, many more.

Extend your LNbits install in any direction, and even create and share your own extensions.


Frameworks used in LNbits

2 versions of LNbits exist: Python LNbits, and GO LNbits.
Both LNbits use Quasar & VueJS for its frontend.

Quasar (VueJS)

Front-end framework with VueJS components for high-performance, responsive websites, PWA, SSR, Mobile and Desktop apps,



The more commonly used and tested LNbits, using FastAPI, a modern, high-performance Python API framework.



A cutting edge, experimental version of LNbits, written in Go a programming language for building efficient software.


Getting started

Checkout the GitHub docs, YouTube and Awesome LNbits.

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LNbits Community

LNbits has an incredible community of users and developers, exchanging ideas, helping each other, and extending the free and open-source software

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This server is maintained by a few LNbits developers as an example demo of the software.

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