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SaaS application is launching...

Instance was stopped because you ran out of time. Pay the LNURL to start it again.


DISCLAIMER: LNbits SaaS is in beta and should be used only for testing purposes.


LNbits Saas

After you have an account, you can launch a LNbits SaaS instance. It costs 21 sats. When you pay the LNURLp link, your instance will get deployed and it takes about 1 minute to become available. It will get disabled after your time runs out. You can extend your time or start it again by just paying the Pay Link for that specific instance again. After 1 month of inactivity the instance will get permanently deleted.

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The world's most powerful suite of bitcoin tools.

Run for yourself, for others, or as part of a stack.

User/Wallet System
Fully responsive web wallet
40+ extensions
extension framework
Node Management
For both server AND node
Supercharged API/SDK
LNbits core and extensions

Access LNbits on all your devices.

LNbits core is a powerful wallet accounts system you can access on ALL your devices.

✔️ Fully reactive and responsive web application
✔️ IOS and Android Apps (use with custom servers)
✔️ LNbits Chrome extension for easy online payments
✔️ LNbits Desktop for advanced exporting and backup features

LNbits extension universe.

Extend YOUR LNbits to meet YOUR needs.

All non-core features are installed as extensions, reducing your code base and making your LNbits unique to you.
Extend your LNbits install in any direction, and even create and share your own extensions.

Bootstrap your lightning payments.

One API to rule them all.
Runs on ANY Lighting Network funding source

✔️ Free and open-source
✔️ 4 years of real world use and hardening
✔️ Cutting edge, with new funding sources being added regularly.
✔️ NOSTR and LNURL native: create boltcards, nostr relays, sell NIP05s, vouchers, etc.
✔️ No more refactoring code for developers; changing your funding source is trivial.
✔️ Eyes on the code; huge user and developer community keeping LNbits updated.

Frameworks used in LNbits.


Quasar (VueJS)

Front-end framework with VueJS components for high-performance, responsive websites, PWA, SSR, Mobile and Desktop apps,


FastAPI (Python)

LNbits uses FastAPI, a modern, high-performance Python API framework, that's easy to build on.


Getting started:

Checkout the GitHub docs, YouTube and Awesome LNbits.

LNbits Community

LNbits has an incredible community of users and developers, exchanging ideas, helping each other, and extending the free and open-source software.

Join the telegram group

This server is maintained by a few LNbits developers as an example demo of the software.

Email us directly